Commercial Motor

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If your business depends on a reliable set of wheels – be it a zippy hatch, a trusty ute or a light truck – you want to know it’s protected both on and off the road.

While we can’t put fuel in the tank or air in the tyres, our commercial motor insurance solutions are designed to take the worry out of running a single work vehicle or a fleet of vehicles of up to five tonne carrying capacity.

Fleet Insurance

Cover for business with 15 or more vehicles to insure.

Plant & Equipment

Cover for Excavators, scissor lifts, Skid Steer loaders and equipment used in the business.

Truck Insurance

Cover for any vehicle with more than 2 tonne carrying capacity.

Business & Commercial Vehicles

Cover for vehicles used for business including Trailers, registered forklifts and more.

Courtesy Cars

Vehicles that are loaned to customers for use when the owner does not charge a fee for use.

Hire/Rental Vehicle Fleets

Vehicles hired to clients for a fee.

Uber Fleet Vehicles

A car used and driven by owners for hire or reward.